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Ferries and RoRo vessels usually trade in restricted areas, and the duration of the voyage rarely exceeds 48 hours. High-quality weather forecasts for planned voyages are available from various sources. Lashings for trailers, self-drive vehicles, MAFIs, and other rolling cargo are sometimes reduced. However, it is rarely known on board whether the lashing procedures are in accordance with the actual forces on the cargo. As a result, large safety margins are applied, resulting in unnecessarily high costs.

What we can do.

Siri Marine has developed a decision support system with class-approved procedures, the Siri WDL system, that will assist the master in deciding on adequate lashing procedures for each voyage.
Onshore, the procedures will assist terminal management in planning personnel and reducing personnel costs. This results in safe passage, without any risk of damage to cargo, and a significant reduction in lashing costs.


  1. Save on stevedoring costs

  2. Save on working hours for your crew

  3. Reduce maintenance and replacement of lashing materials

  4. Improve turn around times in port

  5. Return on investment within months

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