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Ensuring people’s safety, protecting the environment and preventing oil spills are the most important parts of most salvage operations.

There is a clear need for more information from salvage sites. In addition to motion monitoring and hull integrity assessment of the casualty, environmental data can provide important information during salvage operations.


What we can do.

Our salvage motion monitoring system provides the salvers with valuable information about the structural integrity and motions of the casualty. We measure, collect, and interpret this motion data. If required, we can provide independent advice and/or reporting to salvers, owners, authorities, P&I clubs, and other parties involved.

In addition to our motion monitoring equipment, we offer a one-stop shop for related environmental services and measurements: wind and waves, currents, tide, subsea survey, etc.




  1. Real-time insight into the condition of the casualty

  2. Remote monitoring

  3. Remote caretaking service

  4. Quick underwater scans

  5. A wide range of environmental sensors available

  6. Weather/workability forecasts

  7. 24/7 assistance with installation, monitoring and reporting

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