The Cobelfret family is expanding: the latest additions include the Celine, Delphine and Laureline. who are the largest short sea Ro-Ro- vessels in the world. With an impressive 8000 freight lane meters and up to 600 freight units they are the largest shore sea Ro-Ro vessels in the world.

The longstanding relationship between Siri Marine and CldN started out with the provision of Weather Dependent Lashing systems and has evolved in to becoming the external expertise partner on all matters related to cargo safety and lashing onboard. During the voyage from Dalian to Rotterdam all three vessels are equipped with a monitoring system to assess the vessels behavior and capacities. This data will enable quick acceptance by class and flag state to start using the Weather Dependent Lashing method onboard the vessels during their regular trade routes.

The entire fleet of Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax vessels is monitored for continuous performance assessment and periodical reports are presented to the CldN fleet management teams. These reports indicate the amount of crossings conducted under regular CSM lashing conditions or under the Siri WDL method light and heavy lashing schedule.

The expansion of the CldN fleet is not yet complete and we look forward to welcoming the new vessels as they come in to service over the coming year.