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Plug and play Trim Optimization

save fuel. reduce costs.

lower co2 emissions.

Save fuel. Reduce cost. 

With our Siri Marine Trim Optimization Package, saving fuel is easy.  The included sensor measures the movement of your vessel in all 6 degrees of freedom, and our smart software projects your vessel’s current position in relation to its ideal position. Adjust your speed, ballast or course and save up to 5% in fuel consumption.

Now, that may not sound like much. But with Siri Marine Trim Optimization, you can easily save thousands each year.


Lower CO2 emissions.

Saving money without much effort is something every business owner loves. But while doing so, you will also reduce your vessels’ or fleets’ CO2 emissions. 

Future-proof your vessel and business for current and upcoming regulations and restrictions on emissions with our Siri Marine Trim Optimization Package, and help save the planet.

Fuel savings in USD per year


2% savings. Consumption 10 tons/day.


3% savings. Consumption 10 tons/day.


5% savings. Consumption 10 tons/day.


2% savings. Consumption 15 tons/day.


3% savings. Consumption 15 tons/day.


5% savings. Consumption 15 tons/day.

The average ROI


About the sensor. 

The Siri Marine Trim Optimization tool uses a MEMS-based accurate and reliable inertial measurement sensor. High data quality is ensured through temperature calibration from -20 to +50°C for bias, gain, cross-axis, and linearity. Its solid state design, combined with its rugged stainless steel enclosure, ensures reliable operation in most environments.


  • High accuracy acceleration measurements - Ingress Protection IP67 
  • Easy plug and play setup - connection cable up to 250m
  • Elegant aluminium - no separate power supply or robust stainless steel enclosure required
  • Optional ATEX certified or subsea enclosures

Buy or lease.

Prices for the Siri Marine Trim Optimization package are attractive and competitive. 

The basic package includes a laptop, software, the sensor, 5 meters of high-quality cable and clear setup instructions. Integration in the bridge console is possible. A 2-year support package is included as well. 

Your ROI can be as short as one year. For extended support, we offer support packages at low rates.  

For those who would rather pay on a monthly basis, we offer a lease solution with extended support included. The basis is a 3-year lease. An initial down payment is possible to lower the monthly costs.


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The Siri Marine Trim Optimization package includes:

  • The Siri Marine Trim Optimization sensor
  • Siri Light software package
  • A ready-to-use laptop*
  • 5 meters of high-quality cable**
  • A user manual and installation guide

*Desktop or panel PC optional.
**Cable can be max. 250 meters.


Plug and play.

Installation is simple, and can be done by even the most inexperienced PC users. Just unpack the sensor, laptop and cable and connect the cable to the laptop. Power on, and you’re good to go.

Our engineers will have already customized the software to your vessel’s specs.  No tweaks, adjustments or extra information needed. Plug and play!

Tech specs.


  • Angular range ± 180°
  • Maximum rate 30 °/s
  • Resolution 0.004 °
  • Accuracy2 <0.05 ° RMS
  • Noise 0.04 °/s RMS
  • Bandwidth 6 Hz
  • Heave accuracy 5 cm or 5% whichever is highest


  • Range all axes 2g
  • Resolution 0.1 mg
  • Accuracy3 1.0 mg
  • Non-linearity 0.08% FS
  • Noise (6HZ BW) 0.17mg RMS


  • Interface RS485
  • Sample rate 25 Hz


  • Ingress Protection IP67
  • Voltage 8 - 15 Vdc
  • Working temp. range-40 to +70°C
  • Calibrated temp. range -20 to +50°C
  • Enclosure material AISI316, powder coated
  • Dimensions 180x180x122mm
  • Weight 6.6 kg

1 In combination with Siri BlackBox Processing Unit

2 Relative accuracy and repeatability, measured with an amplitude of ± 10°

3 Relative accuracy and repeatability